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$14.99 Mystery Jewelry (This product cannot be purchased separately)
ADD - £13.00
Selenichast Lily Of The Valley Necklace
Lilie der Taldiamantkette
ADD - £22.00
Selenichast Queen's Love Necklace
Queen's Love Necklace
ADD - £29.00
Selenichast Jewelry Box
Selenichast Schmuckschatulle
ADD - £13.00
Selenichast Mushroom House Necklace
ADD - £33.00
Selenichast Berry Bracelet
ADD - £21.00
Selenichast berry bracelet 4
ADD - £21.00
Squirrel House Nature  Necklace
Eichhörnchenhütte Halskette.
ADD - £32.00
Selenichast Berry Bracelet
ADD - £21.00
Enamel Rabbit & Rose Egg Locket Necklace for Kids
Rabbit & Rose Easter Egg Locket Necklace
ADD - £48.00
Selenichast Fluffy Bunny Gift Set
Fluffy Bunny Gift Set
ADD - £101.00
Selenichast rabbit zodiac easter egg pendant
Kaninchen -Zodiac Osterei Halskette
ADD - £35.00
Dragon Egg Locket Long Necklace
Dragon Egg Locket Necklace
ADD - £50.00
Selenichast Elephant Egg Locket Necklace
Elephant Egg Locket Necklace
ADD - £56.00
Dolphin Locket Easter Egg Necklace
Dolphin Egg Locket Necklace
ADD - £56.00
Selenichast Lily Of The Valley Gift Set with Gift Wrapping
Geschenkset Lily of the Valley mit Geschenkverpackung
ADD - £121.00
Selenichast Peach Gift Set with Gift Wrapping
Pfirsichgeschenkset mit Geschenkverpackung
ADD - £85.00
Enamel Lily Of The Valley Brooch
Valley -Brosche
ADD - £27.00
Selenichast Easter Chick Hatching Out of Egg Earrings
Ostern-Küken, die aus Eierohrringen herausrutschen
ADD - £33.00
Selenichast Sculptural Pearl Earrings
Sculptural Pearl Earrings
ADD - £21.00
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