About Us

Our Mission

With the word Seleni, representing our bright moon in ancient greek, followed by the word Chast, encouraging purity, Selenichast exists to celebrate the beauty of nature. Together, We offer thoughtfully created jewelry pieces that empower you to be one with the natural world. Borrowing ideas from our greenery, our oceans and our wildlife, our mission is to help you embrace and to live in harmony with nature.

Our Approach

To capture the beauty and exquisite detail of nature, we protect it. To get there, we embrace a holistic approach to creating and manufacturing. Starting with ethically sourced and sustainably made materials, our pieces then journey to you in responsible and reusable boxes.

In particular, we craft enamel jewelry to offer stunning, one-of-a-kind designs and colorful pieces. The process requires an extensive skill and expertise. In turn, our enamel jewelry is highly sought after and valued. With quality always in mind, we’re proud to be an earthconscious brand committed to creating in a way that protects nature and our future.

Our Story

Modern life has made everything fast, accessible and convenient. This new reality has paved ways for more comfortable and productive lives, but it has effected our health and that of our planet. At what cost? We say, let’s reconnect with Mother Earth — stop, and savor all of its beauty.

Launched in 2020, Selenichast was born to help everyone embrace and appreciate the natural world around them. With a unique appreciation for nature, our founder was inspired to treat jewelry as more than just an accessory, but instead, as a tool to honor the environment along with all its wildlife.

Selenichast opens a world of new and exciting experiences as we celebrate pureness and the core of our surroundings. Just like every individual, all our jewelry pieces are unique to reflect what you truly care about. Our products are made with intention and promise to uplift and to bring you closer than ever to nature.

Our collections natural elements run through the depths of our materials with designs rooted in sustainable and ethical silver, gold-plated vermeil, and enamel. Meanwhile, our aesthetic speaks for itself with artistry borrowed from familiar faces and elements allowing you to be one with nature.

We focus on offering an array of unique jewelry styles including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and more — each piece serving as a daily reminder to embrace a more conscious lifestyle. Finally, pieces are designed to be worn daily to allow your personality and values to shine bright.

We live in a fast-paced world; remember to embrace the moon, the stars and all that is pure with Selenichast.