6 Ways Evil Eye Jewelry Sets You Apart from The Crowd

6 Reasons Why Evil Eye Jewelry is Special

Evil eye jewelry may not be what you think it is. Well, that is if you think evil eye jewelry is evil in itself and has dark meanings attached to it. It is the complete opposite of this. Evil eye jewelry is meant, and believed to, protect you from you the evil eye of others. If you don’t know what the evil eye is, maybe the word ‘Nazar will ring a bell. The evil eye is an envious one, and once cast, has the power to leave the receiver of it with misfortune. The superstition about the evil eye is centuries old and to date, so many people believe in this. This is why evil eye jewelry is very popular even in today's age.

This is not a new concept either. Our ancestors from as long ago as 3000 BC believed in it too. Even back then, they would craft and wear their evil eye jewelry as a form of protection. So even if the evil eye was cast towards them, it would be reflected whoever cast it. This news in no way means that evil eye and evil eye jewelry are just myths or superstitious beliefs some people in the past came up with. Even today, many all over the world still believe in this idea and turn to evil eye jewelry as a form of protection.  You could be one of such people. And what you don’t realize is that your evil eye jewelry is also powerful enough to set you apart from the crowd and here are a few ways how that could be possible.


1. Stunning Accessory That Adds to Any Look

Everyone knows the importance of a good outfit. It makes a world of difference on how you and other people alike, view you. A good outfit sets you apart, makes you feel good about yourself, makes you feel confident, and all that jazz. However, no look is complete or perfect without the right accessories. When constructing the perfect look, a piece of evil eye jewelry may be the piece of the puzzle you never knew was missing.


Evil eye jewelry has a vibe to it no other accessory can even compete with. It is powerful, vibrant, historic, spiritual, upbeat, and sophisticated all at the same time! It goes with almost any outfit you decide to try on and that’s not even the most amazing thing about it. It’s unisexual! Meaning guys and girls alike can enjoy, appreciate and rock a look in evil eye jewelry. If you leave the house with a piece of evil eye jewelry on, you are for sure going to stand out among all the others and get tons of compliments on your style and outfit. You might catch some envious stares too over how gorgeous you and your accessories look, but fear not, your evil eye jewelry will take care of that too!


2. Positive Vibes

You must have heard of the saying, “your vibe attracts your tribe.” And it is very true in almost all cases. The energy you give out into the world is also the energy you attract and receive from it. Evil eye jewelry does not only help ward off evil eye curses but bad vibes too. You know what that leaves us with. Positive vibes only! The vibes you radiate decide the kind of people you attract and surround yourself with. And let’s be real here, anyone wearing a gorgeous piece of accessories is bound to radiate positivity and be in a good mood anyway. How can someone be grouchy when adorning something as stunning as these?

And honestly, given the current situations under which we’re living, it’s understandable if someone is down and dreary. Most people are. Which is exactly how your positive vibes and upbeat energy can distinguish you from others. The evil eye jewelry you put on may be just what you need to prevent getting sucked into the boring, sad, and dull everyday life. Plus, who knows, maybe through the good humor and attitude you might develop from wearing evil eye jewelry, you might also be able to bring some sunshine into someone’s life. And you never know when someone requires some sunshine and positivity.


3. The Best Gift Giver

The perfect gift is a meaningful one. It goes to show that the one gifting has nothing but love and warm sentiments towards the receiver. A gift with meaning to it makes the receiver feel cared for and loved. And if you’re a sucker for giving meaningful gifts, then you’d know how hard they can be to come up with and to come across. For such a gift, evil eye jewelry is the perfect candidate.

For starters, it symbolizes protection which goes to show you want the receiver to stay safe and away from the reach of troubles and difficulties. As a gift, they also represent best wishes and good luck. For this reason, evil eye bracelets are mostly gifted on occasions that have joy, and the beginning of a new life as their central theme. As far as appearance and aesthetics are concerned, we know that evil eye jewelry is always a sight to behold. Do you know the best part? Evil eye jewelry has a stronger and much more powerful effect if it is gifted to you by someone you love. This means that you gifting evil eye jewelry to someone is going to give them extra security compared to if they bought it themselves. In the world of gifts, one cannot come up with a more meaningful, significant, and perfect gift for others.

So next time you’re stressing over what to gift your best friend on their birthday, your cousin at her wedding, or your brother’s newborn child, you have your answer. In a room full of bouquets, cakes, photo frames, and other mainstream gifts, your peace of evil eye jewelry is for sure to sparkle brighter than everything else. Not only will your gift stand out from the rest, but so will you and your creativity when it comes to giving gifts.


4. You Know What’s Hot

Owning a piece of evil eye jewelry, or gifting it to someone, by default shows that you have impeccable taste. And how could it not? If anyone has seen fashion related news lately or stalked their celebrity idol’s Instagram, they will come to know very quickly that evil eye jewelry is all the craze among our favorites now. Singers, actresses, and our favorite stars including Jennifer Aniston and Madonna have been spotted wearing evil eye jewelry. It’s just not them though, others who have been caught adorning evil eye accessories include Brad Pitt, Rihanna, Cameron Diaz, Marie Kate and Ashley Olsen, Lindsay Lohan, and even Kim Kardashian on multiple occasions. There are so many other celebrities who have been seen wearing evil eye jewelry in public. The list goes on and on but for sure, even without the list, you must have a pretty clear idea by now of how famous evil eye jewelry is in reality.

However, not a lot of people are updated with the trends and continue to sport the same old boring styles that are a thing of the past now. You do not have to be one of them. And why should you be? All you need is a small piece of evil eye jewelry to spice up your outfit and prove to others how you’re still on with the trends and know what’s hot. This is for sure to give you an edge in a social setting and make you and your sense of style stand out from the rest.

But what if everyone starts wearing it now?

If your concern is that evil eye jewelry is so trendy and everyone in your social setting is wearing it which makes it difficult for you to set yourself apart from the crowd, don’t worry about it. Putting on evil eye jewelry can set you apart from the general masses. But if by chance the entire crowd is adorned in evil eye jewelry then you still have ways of standing out using your unique pieces of evil eye jewelry. Here are a few fun options you can give a chance to.

5. Designer Accessories

Who doesn’t love to spoil themselves from time to time and indulge in some luxury? If you have a taste for a designer, and a pocket that allows it, then how about you go ahead and treat yourself to some talismans like the evil eye. That’s right since all the big names in the industry have picked up on the evil eye accessories, so have the designers. While evil eye accessories are still readily available and bought for reasonable prices, an evil eye necklace, bracelet, or ring crafted by a designer will just have an edge to it. This will make you and your jewelry stand out even among a crowd that is sporting its evil eye talismans. Contemporary designers such as Alex and Ani, Michael Kors, and Atelier Swarovski have created tasteful evil eye jewelry that will appeal to every eye that beholds it.


6. Color and Design

However, not everyone can afford a designer or feels the need for it. Worry not though, you’re still covered and ready to look different. Evil eye accessories are available in a whole bunch of different colors and designs while still being easily affordable. This possibility of variety can be cooler than buying a bunch of designer bling. Want to know how?

The evil eye talisman is available in a bunch of different colors. What’s so special about this you ask? Each color symbolizes and represents different meanings. Depending on the color, you might get a different kind of protection and reap different benefits from your little piece of jewelry. For example, the most common evil eye color, dark blue, provides karma and fate protection while also symbolizing relaxation and an open flow of communication.

Yellow or golden evil eye accessories are there for the protection of health and provide relief from exhaustion, and helping you develop a sharper mind and concentration. 

On the other hand, a red evil eye talisman can give you protection from fears and anxieties while also bringing you courage, energy, and enthusiasm.

These are just a few colors among a large variety with all of them having different symbolism, meaning, and protections. A few other colors which are relevant and meaningful are pink, green, orange, brown, purple, white, and grey. They all have their significance and all of them can be beautifully integrated into your daily accessories. You can even mix and match them and wear them according to your mood, what is going on in your life, or even depending on which color goes with your outfit! As mentioned earlier, the right accessories will make you pop out in a crowd anyways. But accessories that act as a personal statement and vary from the normal, right there you have the perfect piece of jewelry that will make sure all eyes are on you even in a room full of people wearing their evil eye jewelry.

Besides the color, the design also plays a very important role when it comes to setting you apart from the rest. Based on your taste, some stylish evil eye jewelry that complements you will for sure direct attention to you and distinguishes you from the rest wearing similar accessories.

Wrapping Up

A piece of evil eye jewelry is always the right choice and you can never go wrong with it, especially if you want to set yourself apart from the basic crowd. It is great as a personal statement, a meaningful yet distinguishable gift, and is just what you need to symbolize your spirituality while still looking trendy. Even if others are catching on and you fear your uniqueness is being threatened when it comes to wearing evil eye accessories, there is nothing to worry about because even within the concept of evil eye jewelry there is so much variety!

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