Evil Eye Pendants That Will Make Your Heart Sing

Why are evil eye necklaces now in demand?

Are you tired of investing in clothes but still feeling like your style game is not relevant enough? Well, I can understand. Most people invest in high-end clothes to look their best; however, what they forget is that clothes are not the only thing that can make you stand out in a room.

Rather, jewelry is your best friend when you want to up your style game. Statement and minimalistic jewelry can make any outfit go from dry to classy.

Imagine denim with a white t-shirt. It is a good look, but as soon as you put on a coppery gold chain with some studs your look upgrades instantly. So, you should certainly make jewelry your best friend.

Now for jewelry, you should always check out what people are wearing and looking good in (Very important). For now, I have got you covered, as I have found you something very trendy and classy- Evil Eye Pendants! From Rihanna wearing it to Michael Kors designing it, evil eye jewelry is certainly very chic right now. But what is this much-hyped evil eye?

Sapphire Eye Diamond Pendant Necklace


Evil eye refers to being subjected to an envious stare of jealousy or contempt. Christians, Hindus, and Muslims all over the world hold slightly varying beliefs about the evil eye. However, the common notion among people is that the evil eye is a product of someone else’s jealousy and malice.

So, the symbol of the evil eye is believed to have some spiritual energy that protects you against it by directing back the stares one may receive. For some people, this symbol reverses the negative energy of the stare back to the person giving it, while for others this symbol only protects the wearer from the negative energy directed towards him.

Evil eye jewelry has become increasingly popular in many different cultures throughout the world, since its advent from Ancient Greece and Rome. It is now very trendy in today’s style and adorned frequently by celebrities like Brad Pit and Kim Kardashian and even some royals like Meghan Markel. Even designers like Atelier Swarovski, Michael Kors and Alex, and Ani are now coming up with different embellished jewelry styles to wear this evil eye.

This symbol of the evil eye now comes in many forms like bracelets, pendants, keychains, and earrings, and now is certainly a fashion statement. However, not much is known about the historical and cultural significance of this amusing piece of jewelry.



The notion of the evil eye dates back to 5000 years by the Mesopotamians. Now it is most popular among countries like Turkey, Afghanistan, Greece, and Iraq, where people hang evil eye symbols in front of their houses, on their new cars, and newborn babies. Some people even use an evil eye emoji on their Instagram bio now!


Evil eye jewelry has been around for centuries and is still gaining popularity. Thus, we know that this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. So, we have got you covered by preparing a list of the most exotic evil eye pendants out there. So, in case you are confused as to what additions you have to make to your jewelry collection, keep reading!



Check out some of the most exotic evil eye pendants we have selected for you



1. Opal Moonstone Evil Eye Charm Pendant

This is an exquisite pendant with an evil eye charm and moonstone, along with Ethiopian opal stones. All of these are believed to signify positivity, where the evil eye wards of the negativity coming your way, the moonstone stands for a balanced life full of love, and the opal stone gives you good luck with protection, healing, and intuition.

This pendant usually comes along with a Hamsa charm, which itself is another protective talisman that gives one protection, health, and happiness. For someone who strongly believes in these spiritual powers, this pendant should be on your list as it looks beautiful and is full of protective energy that you can certainly make use of in our times.

However, if you are not too interested in superstitions even then you should go for it, as the pendant is appealing and stylish due to its intricate and minimal design. You can wear this pendant on a casual lunch with friends paired with a sundress or even on a night out with some sparkly outfit.

It has a unique tone of simplicity, where it will pop out with bright colors and mellow down with pastel tones. Thus, you can pair it with anything according to your mood for the day!


2. Moon Evil Eye Charm Pendant

This is a stunning evil eye and moon charm pendant with a twinkling navy blue evil eye symbol combined with coppery gold hues and a white stony crescent moon. This pendant is quite interesting in its symbolic representation, as it has two powerful elements together-evil eye and a crescent moon.

The moon represents creativity, growth, and femininity, while the evil eye offers protection from envy and jealousy. Thus, this pendant reflects rivaling down the path of your dreams with creativity and growth, while embracing your femininity and guarding off the evil you face.

You can style this pendant in a long chain or even make a metallic choker out of it. As the pendant stands for creativity, its design and structure are also quite creative and will certainly make you look unique when you adorn it.


3. Conscious Sparkle - Gold Plated Evil Eye Charm Pendant

This is an evil eye charm surrounded by crystals and in combination with a coppery hue. This pendant is perfect for when you are feeling sparkly and want to get all dressed up for your night out.

Such statement jewelry makes you stand out in a room full of people, along with protecting you from all evil eyes. This is a classic evil eye charm, which protects you from the glares of people around you, who might not have the best intentions for you.

Historically, people from different cultures believe that one attracts three kinds of evil. First is the unconscious evil eye that might harm one but the unconscious eye doesn’t intend to harm.

Second is the deliberate evil eye, which is a result of feelings of resentment and malice. Lastly, one can encounter a hidden evil, which can be the deadliest. Since humans have resorted to mystical objects throughout time to counter evils, you should also make use of this amusing sparkly eye!


4. Daisy Charm Pendant

This is an elegant evil eye charm with daisy symbols and an exquisite clear quartz stone. If you don’t have this pair in your jewelry box already, I suggest you go and fill your cart right away!

This is a unique piece, which can make any outfit of yours look stylish instantly. Moreover, you can also style this pendant with multiple long necklaces or chokers. What’s better than this is that it can also improve your day instantly.

The intricate daisy symbol on the pendant stands for balance and new beginnings in life. Moreover, the clear quartz stone stands for wisdom and growth. Together these mystical stones will guide you towards following your dreams and leading a balanced life with complete wisdom and awareness. To top it all, it has an evil eye charm that will make your new beginnings free from any wrongful intentions.


5. Sacred Awareness Charm Pendant

This is an evil eye charm pendant embellished with amethyst and hematite stones. It has black hematite stones on the corner and an amethyst in the center engraved as the eye.

This necklace is comparatively flamboyant from any others we have discussed yet. So, for me, it will look stunning with any minimal outfit, as then only the pendant would be able to speak for itself.

Moving on to the spiritual benefits, the amethyst stone is considered to have powers of spiritual awareness. It also has healing and cleansing powers. Moreover, the hematite stones are a good deflection of negativity. Thus, this spiritual awareness with no negativity in your surroundings will help you to rediscover your life and understand your wants and desires.

Especially in times of a global pandemic, many people are struggling to define their identity and purpose. In such instances, amethysts and hematites can come in handy, along with being essential in your jewelry box!


6. Silver Marcasite Evil Eye Pendant

This can easily be the most flamboyant evil eye charm you can own. Unlike many evil eye pendants that have hidden or almost discrete eyes, this one is completely shaped like a big eye. It has shiny silver outlines with a sky blue pupil for the eye. On the side of the blue, we see a shiny metallic circle that adds to the sparkle of the pendant.

The best part about this eye is the defining eyelashes, which look creative and intricate. It also has a peal hanging from the corner, which adds to the detail of the pendant. You can style this one with chokers or with a long chain.

Along with a contemporary sense of style, this pendant also has a mother of pearl and Marcasite stone. A marcasite stone stands for wisdom and courage, while a mother of pearl stands for intuition and foresight. Mother of pearl also instills feelings of calmness in an individual.

Thus, this pendant is a symbol of courage for you to fight out any negative energies coming your way. Along with this, it also soothes your perspective and helps you think straight.


7. Gold Evil Eye Red String Necklace

This can be the cutest thing you have in your jewelry box. This necklace has a bright red string attached, which is holding a little pendant.

The pendant has three small evil eye charms in tones of sky blue, navy blue, and dark green with a yellowish hue in the background.

Even though the pendant is quite small in size, it has quite creative silver detailing to it. Moreover, three evil charms will certainly protect your way better from any negativity prevailing in your surroundings.


8. Evil Eye Charm Necklace

This is an elegant and minimal silver sterling necklace with Swarovski eyes at the side. The whole necklace is silver except the center of the eye, which is in black.

The black part certainly gives some color to the necklace and makes it pop out. You can easily pair this necklace with any daytime or nighttime outfit. It can go with any casual setting, along with any formal setting.

Moreover, the best part about this necklace is that it is the most relevant variation of this old talisman. Since evil eye jewelry has existed for almost 5000 years, this design is the most contemporary and is a perfect blend of modern and mystical. It is minimal, chic, and mystical and of course, it exhibits spiritual powers to save you from any conscious, unconscious, and hidden evil.


Final Words

So here are some of the most exotic, stylish, and classy evil eye pendants out there. You can use them in your daily wear and upgrade your style game, as they are very trendy right now.

You can even pick and choose from our recommendations and select the best one according to your taste. The best part about all these evil eye pendants is that they all are quite modern and contemporary yet still have that mystical touch to them, which makes them classy and timeless. Moreover, the variations in them of different moonstones, crystals, and amethysts make these look more stunning and unique.

As you have read most of them even have many underlying spiritual powers that many people all over the world believe works! So if you feel like you need something to protect you from all the negative energy surrounding you then use these pendants as a protective shield and observe for yourself.

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