How To Choose The Right Kind Of Evil Eye Jewelry For Yourself?

Let’s Do A Background Lesson of Evil Eye Jewelry

In the community that we live in, I am pretty sure we have probably heard about the concept of "Nazar" about a million times. Nazar is a word deriving from Arabic, meaning include surveillance, attention, sight, and some other related concept. The bonus is an eye-shaped amulet is considered to protect from the evil eye. It is based on the belief that some people have strong energy which they can use to bring pain, illness, or even death. The evil eye can affect not just humans but animals too. This superstition includes the belief that the evil eye can harm or destroy any object. Many people believe that it’s true.


Let’s talk origin of evil eye jewelry

In Persian and Afghani lore it is called a "cheshmNazar". Another common slogan is “ChashameBadoor" which means to ward off the evil eye. In India,  the phrase "Nazar lag Jayegi" is commonly used and it indicates that one might get affected by the evil eye so he needs to be cautious about it.

If you wear evil eye jewelry or any kind of symbols then you're you are trying to shield yourself from greater doom. It is believed that you should wear the evil eye as a protective ward and it’s very similar to the 18th Century Europeans using garlic and the cross to cast off any evil spirits or vampires, as it is known to reflect the power of evil glares to the caster. It can even nullify the curse and all the bad intentions cast on you.

Many historians like Dr. NeseYildiran, an art history professor at Istanbul’s Bahçeşehir University, say that the earliest eye amulets or necklaces date back 3000 BC. Their history is rich and full of not only darkness but also a certain light that is quite beautiful.

Whether it is a new successor some sort of happiness that you experience, you are always told to keep it hush-hush before you end up garnering unwanted attention from the ones who may be more envious of your predicament than be happy for your milestone. There are plenty of ways one would prevent the effects of acquiring the evil eye- the "kaalateeka" or the constant habit of saying "Maasha Allah" (translation: God has willed" and more of the common ones. Another super popular Nazar prevent is a small spherical stone that I am certain all of us have seen.



The Nazar known as the Nazar bonus is a beguiling bead also known as the Evil Eye. It is worn, accessorized, or decorated as a protective charm or amulet. A typical nazar consists of a glass that is handmade and it features concentric circles or teardrop shapes.

The origins of this Nazarboncugu originate from Turkey, where it got its massive popularity amongst other parts of the world. The eye bead is very popular in Turkey and it’s a type of glass art. This art has changed very little for thousands of years.


Popularity of evil eye jewelry

Many celebrities have been seen donning these accessories further implying that they too believe in these concepts that have been grasped onto the human subconscious for centuries. The Nazar eye’s history is extensive and it intertwines with many peoples, so many of the modern users do hold a connection to it in terms of heritage, Jennifer Anniston, Miley Cyrus Kim Kardashian, and Gigi Hadid, for instance, all hail from different cultures but hold the evil eye important.

I was first introduced to this talisman in a late-night television infomercial that I happened to stumble across while flipping through channels. This was around 9 years ago when the bonus was not as mainstream as it is now. In older times it was a prized possession that belonged to the wealthy- and now? Everyone owns some type of accessory with this amulet or pendant attached.


Popularity Of The Evil Eye

The popularity of the boncuguis owed much to the decline of the Ottoman Empire when many people had grown accustomed to superstitious ideologies that were brought in by the Western world.

In the modern world, some people hang it from tasseled tapestries, some knot it up in their wrist bands, some may wear it as a locket and some even have huge ornaments. It is up to you to choose which way you would like to decorate your life with the evil eye jewelry collection. Whether that jewelry is for your home, or your body lies completely up to your own choices.

But how did this popularity come about?

Well, what largely owes to the surge in the popularity of the evil eye, is none other than trendsetters, influencers, and celebrities. After all, these are the fashion icons of our world, and if they love it, then you are sure to as well.


Choosing Evil Eye Jewelry For Yourself Is Not That Hard!

It is really up for debate if the common likeness of the Nazarboncugu is a result of superstitious belief or because its beautiful blue color is eye-catching and makes for a good centerpiece. Though it cannot be ignored how it has become engraved in our culture- I mean we do have an emoji for it as well "🧿".

Though you may be wondering, how does one decide to decide what nazar accessory or ornament may be best suited for your avail?

Well, let me help you with that- not that I have the certification for spiritual well-being but this is a guide on how to choose the best Nazarboncugu for you. You don’t need to choose it in strictly body accessory form. You could even choose it in the form of accessories, or jewelry for your house. Make your house look even more gorgeous than it already is, by choosing gorgeous and unique evil eye jewelry. It comes in the form of bracelets, house/car hangings, rings, earrings, centerpieces, headpieces, and so much more. Keep reading to find out all the wonderful kinds of evil eye accessories that you have been missing out on.

Let’s Begin!


House Jewelry

There is an assorted collection of Nazar hangings of varying sizes that come in handy when you get a brand new place. Our homes are supposed to be our safe spaces and it would be extremely important to rid our sanctuaries from any sort of negative energy and who minds a little pop of color as well.


 Another very popular item that you will find in every zen-household is a centerpiece with the Nazar eye painted or decorated on it. These could be bright blue Nazarplates, that not only add a beautiful pop of color to your neutral tables but also cleanse the aura an envious eye could bring to your abode. These centerpieces and plates are multi-purpose and very convenient which makes them fitting as gift items as well.


Car Hangings

Some of us hold our cars and other vehicles very near and dear to our hearts. The thought of them being scratched or harmed is quite an intrusive one and I am sure most of us fear this on the regular. They are also the most common things that get the evil attention of either a close acquaintance or a simple pedestrian on the road. In such circumstances, the Nazar amulet helps with trying to secure our beloved vehicles. They come as rear-view mirror hangings or as bumper stickers as well. Some people even go as far as to hang them on the rear end. 


Evil Eye Body Jewelry Collection

On the topic of gift items, what are accessories that not only look great but also offer protection and positive energy in your life? You guessed correctly, the Nazar amulet comes in every way shape, and form. If you like pretty charms dangling from your favorite bracelet there are many options for you to choose from. Similarly, if you are a fan of necklace pendants, there is a variety of them you can choose from. The amulets come in different shapes like an orb cut, a squared cut, or even triangles if you are into those. All of them serving the same purpose. You can also find many rings with the Nazar stone embedded in them. If you are not a fan of stones then you can find engraved options as well. Not only do these look great but they serve as great statement pieces as well. An article from Town's magazine has a list of the best evil eye jewelry one could find- they're extremely accessible and note-worthy. Furthermore, Pinterest has a great collection of DIY Evil eye accessories that look chic and help you get rid of all evil energies.  To give you a taste of what all evil eye jewelry consists of, here you go!
  • Gorgeous evil eye necklaces and pendants that adorn your neck with grace and beauty
  • Beautiful evil eye earrings in every color and earring design
  • Magnificent evil eye bracelets that can easily grace your dainty wrists and catch the eyes of many
  • Aesthetic evil eye rings, and headpieces that have a graceful quality to them. Making them perfect for every possible occasion, whether it is formal or casual.

Though Nazar beads can be painted on, they are typically thought to be more effective in glass form. It has much to do with considering evil energy to be sentient, the glass then repels the frequencies and absorbs the energy causing it to lose its intensity.

Another study finds that it is believed that Nazar can have serious fatal consequences. Many have noticed an alarming connection between the Nazar they have gotten on things they own and a decline in their health. They have also drawn a connection to Nazar and the mysterious death of their pets. So to prevent all such situations, people commonly hold the nazar amulet significant.

There are many reservations regarding this jewelry as well. Even though the roots of this talisman go back to centuries ago and the importance of its recurrence can be seen in history, many do not believe in its ability to be that important. Some believe that the lore of this amulet is just that, lore, a story crafted to spread fear and the antidote of fear as well. Many do not opt for it for more religious reasons, going as far as labeling it as a "shirk" or calling it the devil's tool even though this stone is not used for worship it is only used as an accessory. However, for many, this way of thinking has evolved into a more soft way of thinking. People simply don’t believe in it anymore. Hence evil eye jewelry has become such a trend! It’s popular, it’s gorgeous, and it is not that expensive.


Final Thoughts

The origin of Nazar cannot be separated from its superstitious alignment hence people of Science and reason often do not believe in its attributes- to each their own. However, people with a gift of astrology and an interest in meta-physical abnormalities do swear by the power this pendant exudes or rather absorbs. You do not have to be a firm believer of either of these schools of thought but if it is something that catches your eye, I think you would like to give it a try for yourself- who knows? Maybe it does work for you. Even if does not, you still will not end up with an empty purchase.

In this scenario, even if you don’t truly believe in the evil eye, or the Nazar, even then evil eye jewelry is truly a gorgeous piece of accessory that you will never regret having in your home. It’s like a homage to history, to some aspects of science, and even to your ancestors.

So go on! Pick something, find the evil eye jewelry that suits you just right. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll know exactly what you want, and you won’t be afraid to go out and get it for yourself.

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