Why Is Evil Eye Jewelry So Popular?

Trends have a habit of changing over time. They change, they evolve, and sometimes they become better, and sometimes you’d rather they quickly die out. The evil eye jewelry trend started as something not quite popular.
It started as something cursed, something with a very wicked history. An object is used to ward off or bring in people depending on the kind of people who use it. Cultists would use the evil eye to bring harm to others and protect them from the wrath of the demons. Others, not cultists, use it as a symbol to ward off evil.
As time passed, the true meaning of the jewelry became lost, and it has become a trendy symbol to wear. Previously, as we’ve said it was used as a talisman to either ward of evil, or bring up evil from the underworld of hell. Today, it is a fashion statement that people love touting. Even those individuals who start out hating on these evil eye jewelry pieces, end loving them. You could say it is a curse. The curse of loving something quite hauntingly beautiful.

The reason behind the demand of evil eye jewelry

This is a question many ask. What is so beautiful and compelling about evil eye jewelry, that it has become so popular today? Well, keep reading, and let us tell you all about exactly why these jewelry pieces are so famous.
Let’s Start With The Basics

1. Its History Is Something To Truly Be In Awe Of

Like we’ve said before, there aren’t very many necklaces, bracelets, rings, or headpieces that have such symbolism attached to them. Evil eye jewelry is chock full of symbolism, and a tie that is very profound to history. It can be traced back to the ancient Mayan civilization, maybe even a time before that. Its meaning has changed through time, but its look has only grown more beautiful.
There are places in the world, history museums, and art exhibits dedicated to the beauty and the rich history of evil eye jewelry. You could say that they are idolized, and admired. Art critiques and jewelry critiques from all over the world fly over to see these wondrous pieces come to life, and depict the history and various stories. Imagine it! These small, and dainty jewelry pieces have so much life and story to offer to the world, that they are forever immortalized in art, and museums.

2. It’s Made In All Kinds Of Metals

You would think that evil eye jewelry wouldn’t look good in every kind of metal. If you do think this, then you, my friends are very wrong. Evil Eye jewelry will rock your world no matter what kind of metal it is made on. It is made to be revered by every kind of metal. It doesn’t matter if it is gold, silver, rose gold, yellow gold, copper, titanium, or any other base metal.
Every one of them ensures that the evil eye jewelry design looks amazing. Not only that but they also ensure that the design of the evil eye jewelry stands out. In many cases, the actual design or any additional stone is often overshadowed by the metal used, especially if that metal is gold or silver. However, in this scenario, the evil eye design is what will always steal the show. The metal acts only as a base, or an enhancer. When one looks at these jewelry pieces they don’t see gold or silver or titanium, nope! They see the gorgeous evil eye studded in different stones, or made in gorgeous metals. That is what catches their eye. Maybe it’s the history of the eye itself, or maybe it’s something unique.

3. Each Evil Eye Jewelry Desing Is Better Than The Last One

No one likes being a part of a bunch. The same design is being worn by everybody else or found at every brand or mainstream store. No one likes this! But when you’re out to shop, and you’re in the mood to buy some evil eye jewelry, then this will not happen. Do you know why?
Well, the answer is simple! It’s because the evil eye jewelry designers have ensures that each design is unique. Each stone used, each detail carved or curved into the jewelry, is unique. You could even ask for the history of the necklace or jewelry piece before buying it if that’s what you need or want to do. Each design is infinitesimally better than the last one. It’s like the creators challenged themselves to do better and create more uniqueness with every design. Don’t believe us, go ahead and take a look yourself! Evil eye jewelry is the perfect jewelry to buy when you want something personalized, something unique, and just a little bit mysterious.

4. It Comes In Lots of colors

We’ve already talked about how the design of the evil eye jewelry is unique. But let’s further talk about why the design is unique. One of the factors is the stones used in the jewelry. So many different kinds of stones are used to bring evil eye jewelry designs to life.
Every stone that you can think of, sapphire, emeralds, pearls, river stones, opals, and many more. Name a precious stone, and we guarantee that somewhere, a designer might have used it to fashion either the eye or the iris of the evil eye in their jewelry pieces.

Wonderful! Isn’t It?

Above you’ve read the top 4 basic reasons why evil eye jewelry is ever so popular today. Now, without further ado, let’s talk about all the different kinds of evil eye jewelry that are out there in the world. Why you might ask?
Well, if you don’t know about the kinds of jewelry available, then how will you truly understand why it is popular? To best understand the popularity of evil eye jewelry, we must understand all of its’ types, and appreciate all the different ways evil eye jewelry can shine.

Are you ready?
Let’s Begin

First off, let’s discuss the different kinds of evil eye jewelry that can be found. They include necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings, headpieces, and more. Whatever kind of jewelry you need, it can be easily be found in an evil eye design. It's no problem at all!

1. Evil Eye Necklaces

First on the list of items that make evil eye jewelry so popular is necklaces. Evil eye necklaces or Nazar necklaces are extremely popular. You could say that they top the charts on the most bought, kind of evil eye jewelry. They come in so many designs, and shapes, and sizes.
Each design is based on a different metal with a different stone. The neckaledesgn also varies. You could wear an evil eye necklace as a choker, as a long chain, a short chain, or any other style. We guarantee that it will look good in any style, and it will match perfectly with any outfit you end up wearing. Another reason why evil eye necklaces are so popular is because of how delicate, yet weirdly haunting they can be. As well, as how every type of person can wear them. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hippie, a gypsy, a working woman, or whatever you identify as. Evil eye necklaces are for everyone's enjoyment.

2. Evil Eye Earrings

Evil eye earrings are next on the list of reasons why evil eye jewelry is so popular. Earrings, like necklaces, come in all shapes and sizes. They come in various designs, colors, and prices too. Some are dangly, some are studs, some are cuffs, and some are drops. It all depends on what kind of earrings you like.
My suggestion would be to at least get one of each pair so that you have every type of earring to enjoy. After all, even if you aren’t a jewelry person, you will enjoy a good pair of evil eye earrings. And once you take a look at them you will not be able to resist them! You could say it’s like a curse! A curse of not being able to help but fall in love with evil eye earrings. These small dainty little things, that nestle perfectly with your ears in the shape of gorgeous stone, or diamond-studded eyes. Some designs are so subtle, that you have to focus, to be able to tell, whether or not the design is of an evil eye. So if you want subtlety in your jewelry, then evil eye earrings are perfect for you.

3. Evil Eye Bracelets

Evil eye bracelets are truly quite eye-catching. Once you’ve got a look at them, you will not be able to look away. They are quite beguiling. Maybe it’s because you don’t often see people wearing evil eye bracelets. However, once you do, you’re often caught up in the need to also own one of these fascinating jewelry pieces.
Evil eye bracelets are unique. Sometimes they are fashioned like tennis bracelets, other times like a charm bracelet. But each design is different than the previous one. This is the best thing about evil eye jewelry. Once you’ve got them on your wrist, you will never want to take them off. They go perfectly with every dress and fashion trend. They are haunting, mysterious and make for quite a good story for when you meet new people. After all, what is more, interesting than meeting a person and discussing the origin story of a bracelet that looks like it belongs on the arms of Aphrodite herself.

4. Evil Eye Rings

Evil eye rings are one of the less known jewelry pieces in the evil eye jewelry collection. However, once you’ve taken a look at these beauties you’ll forget all about those regular solitaire diamonds. These gorgeous rings are truly unique. Some people often buy them as a token, or as merchandise, but slowly people have begun buying these rings as engagement rings.
Yes, it is true! A little unheard of right? But I’m telling the truth! Evil eye rings are quickly gaining quite a lot of popularity. They are a trend that has that little something extra to it, that other mainstream rings are just missing. You can easily get these rings engraved on their metal base, and then choose gorgeous stones for the evil eye design itself. Customization is key with all kinds of rings, especially specially designed ones. In the case of evil eye rings, special designs are a must, and they look quite good. Your beloved, or whoever you are buying that ring for, even if it is for yourself will see the beauty of the ring. The haunting history and ethereal magnificence it supposes. A quality that no other jewelry piece can ever surpass no matter how hard designers might try.

Benefits To Wearing Evil Eye Jewelry

There are many benefits to wearing evil eye jewelry, which also have a hand in making them popular. Let’s discuss a few of them! One of the first benefits includes keeping you safe from any “Nazar” or evil eye. The second benefit is the absolute beauty it possesses, and in lieu enhances your beauty, and help catch many eyes. Another benefit can be due to the stones. The number of stones used in some evil eye jewelry designs has healing properties, which is quite good for you!

Final Thoughts For Why Evil Eye Jewelry Is So Popular

Finally, we are at the end of our blog. We have talked about everything that is to do with why evil eye jewelry is so popular. Amazing isn’t it? How one design can have such deep history and beauty to it? So what are you waiting for? Head to the nearest store, and start digging for your evil eye jewelry, and get started on making yourself popular with their explicit help! Happy hunting for your evil eye jewelry.

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