Why should I choose to buy evil eye jewelry over regular jewelry?

When you think about it evil eye jewelry has been a part of our lives for as long as we humans can remember. And this also stems from the fact that the belief in the evil eye or Nazar as the people in the Middle East call it isn’t something foreign. Many times, our elders tell us not to discuss our successes or the good things in our lives with everyone because we don’t know the intentions of others, and jealousy comes into play too. This is where evil eye jewelry comes into the picture.

Funnily enough, the most popular places you would find evil eye jewelry rather easily are the countries situated in the Mediterranean and Western Asia. Turkey is that one place where you’d find people selling evil eye jewelry at every nook and cranny especially in Istanbul. There isn’t an element of surprise, because over the years evil eye jewelry is taking over the fashion world and more and more people are now investing in this sort of jewelry because let’s face it they look super trendy and you can pair them up with anything and everything.

Why Evil Eye Jewelry?

Evil eye jewelry is such a sight to behold. And the fact that it is now available in all forms of jewelry; earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets you name it and you’re bound to find it at a store near you or in a world where online shopping is all the rage, you’ll find it on your favorite websites for sure. If you still aren’t aware of the different ways, you can style your evil eye jewelry or if you still aren’t convinced as to why you should buy a few pieces, this article is bound to help you out and make sure you go right now and shop a few pieces.

The vast variety of evil eye jewelry is available in ranging from different colors, textures, designs and enriched with different stones and materials one would be shocked. You can wear one evil eye accessory everywhere in so many ways or you can own as many as you want because this jewelry goes with everything. Once you buy them, there won’t be any other form of jewelry you’d reach for.

Replacing your regular jewelry with evil eye jewelry

The trends of the fashion world are ever changing, but one thing that has remained constant is jewelry. Because let’s face it, it truly never goes out of style even when the different pieces people buy might change and new trends come and go of what jewelry is more in fashion and which isn’t.

 Jewelry has that ultimate power to complete any look even if you add a single piece your outfit is surely going to get that perfect vibe, and of course, if you put on different pieces and even stack it up you can make any look perfect. It truly is all about experimenting without making it look like you’re trying too hard or not trying enough.

On another note, let’s also talk about how evil eye jewelry is the next big thing because it’s true everywhere. And why shouldn’t it be? This form of jewelry can make everything look so perfect and once you start experimenting with it or explore the different pieces of evil eye jewelry, with its different textures, styles, and colors you would want to put away all your other pieces of jewelry and keep evil eye jewelry as part of your everyday look book.

 The best thing about evil eye jewelry is the different materials it's made from, once you start learning about them, you’d truly be in awe. When we think of the different ways, evil eye jewelry is made only one thing comes to mind, it can bring that oomph to your very simple outfits or even have a whole crowd of people stare at your stunning beauty when you wear that perfect evil eyepiece to your formal events and dinners.


How to style your evil eye jewelry?

Now that you’ve thought about it and might be contemplating going online and looking up some gorgeous evil eyepieces for yourself. But wait does the vast variety they come in confuse you? Well, you can keep reading to learn about the different ways evil eye jewelry can be styled and give you that perfect look you’ve been craving for a while to get that perfect Instagram shot where you look your absolute best or you might just be looking for a few accessories because you’re tired of wearing the same old ones.

To be honest, evil eye jewelry has some of the relaxed pieces that you can pair up with any simple outfit and make it look great for a chill hangout with your friends and family. Maybe a simple black outfit paired up with the basic evil eye earrings that you get where are blue and white would look gorgeous. Or maybe a fancy evil eye necklace and simple yoga bracelet are all you crave for.

If you’re trying to be fancy, then you’ve got so many options, but let’s not be confused. A fancy necklace adorned with gemstones goes a long way and is exactly the kind of thing you would need on a fancy dinner or even your fancy birthday for which we all know you’d want to look best for pictures. Did we mention, evil eye jewelry can be worn at weddings too? If you’re going for a nice dress which we know you are, how about pairing it up with a gorgeous bracelet and ring. Maybe you can even use your simple jewelry to create a perfect stack with your evil eye jewelry. Go all out, you know. Because who doesn’t?


Some must have pieces everyone should own


Now that you know the different ways you can make your evil eye jewelry stand out, or maybe you knew already but never got around to buying one, this is the time to count your money and get ready to spend. Because you’re about to find out what pieces are worth owning and one glance at them and you’re for sure going to add them to your cart or basket depending on where you’re shopping. These pieces are very versatile so you don’t have to worry about wearing them with only one look, you can wear them with anything and everything and you’d look like the queen you are.

So, let’s get started, one pair of earrings we believe everyone should own are a gorgeous mix of the white and blue eye surrounded by silver gemstones. It truly sounds like a dream, and you can pair these up with every look because they’re that beautiful, although they might sound really simple they’re so stunning you’d wish you could wear them all the time. And that is the perfect jewelry piece you need in life.

Speaking of earrings, if you’re a fan of dangling earrings, this piece will scream your name. Their long tassel earrings are adorned once again with blue, white, and silver studded stones in a tassel design. Imagine you’re having a bad day but you really need to be somewhere fancy you can just throw these on and there you have it. The perfect fancy look.

Moving on, necklaces go with every outfit and every kind of top you’d be wearing with any neckline, it can accentuate every outfit, and sometimes with that, you can skip your other accessories. So let us begin, you know how they say diamonds are a girl's best friend. Well, there’s an evil eye necklace you would fall for because this isn’t your basic statement necklace. This diamond evil eye necklace is gorgeous, and when you wear it, you’d forget you’re wearing an evil eye piece. This necklace has three layers starting from blue which is lined with gold, then we move on to white and black which all come together to give you the shape of an evil eye if you look close enough. These go with everything, fancy, simple you’ve got it.

Bracelets are a personal favorite not going to lie. And there’s one bracelet in the evil eye family, you’d wish you knew about earlier because it truly is a must have. It's known as the Obsidian necklace. This design comes from Apache tears, ah what a legend! These are made with black volcanic glass alongside obsidians, the celestial beads of agate, and gemstones. This like the diamond necklace we discussed earlier doesn’t feel like an evil eye piece but you just know you’re wearing one because it has so many benefits. You can wear this in the day or night, pair it up with absolutely anything and you’d be really surprised how good it looks.


Evil eye jewelry on your favorite celebrities


If you’re still not convinced, well this might be the final idea that will make you go out and buy evil eye jewelry. If you’re interested in celebrity life or honestly even if you, aren’t we all want to follow the latest trends and make sure we wear what everyone around us is wearing.

Naomi Campbell is often seen wearing an evil eye necklace which is a simple one of a blue and white eye with a basic chain. Super chic, something you’d for sure want to buy if you’re into hippie jewelry.

On one occasion we saw, Kim Kardashian wearing an evil eye piece as a headpiece. Now that’s something super new but it is making waves. Could this be the next new trend? We surely think so.

Everyone's favorite childhood icon who is still a favorite for many people, Miley Cyrus who's known to wear different outfits and jewelry pieces that catch the attention of social media every time. Often wears a long layered evil eye necklace stacked up with another simple necklace. Which is the perfect example of how good a stack looks on more than one occasion.

Lastly, Meghan Markle who has recently been over social media and is catching the eye of the paparazzi is caught wearing an evil eye pendant practically everywhere. She is such a style icon we’d all want to look as good as her on some days. The pendant she’s seen wearing is a studded evil eye symbol adorned with gems. This particular one also is known to protect the wearer from negative vibes if you’re into the benefits evil eye jewelry can give you then this is the necklace you should own.

All the celebrities wearing evil eye necklaces are for sure a big sign to buy that piece of evil eye jewelry you’ve been eyeing for a while.


Some final thoughts

Let us now conclude, because you’re for sure itching to stop reading and get on with some shopping, you know retail therapy and all. Evil eye jewelry can add such a wow factor to your outfit. One might think doesn’t normal jewelry do the same? For sure. But isn’t that what everyone thinks, and because of that we’re robbed of the idea to try new things.

Evil eye jewelry might be the newest trend but it is here to stay. Even if everyone starts wearing it one can always do something different and wear it in a new way. Introduce a new trend, influence other people to wear it in different ways too if need be.

Let’s not forget, it can be the perfect gift for a friend who’s super into jewelry and keeps up with the newest trends. Because who doesn’t love some new pieces they can get obsessed with and wear those all the time? Now that you’ve reached the end, we just want to say go buy some evil eye pieces for yourself and go look your best self because that’s what we’re about to do too. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our website to find the most amazing and stunning evil eye jewelry pieces to create your signature style.

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