Why berry necklace is popular?

How is berry necklace made?

Berry jewelry is often handcrafted with berry-like material which expresses a natural feel. The choice of design, arrangement and material can vary, leading to unique creations. Some berry jewelry is made with dried berries strung together by fishing line or nylon line, giving us a close- to- real nature beauty. However it cannot last long and will fade easily after days-wearing. People are trying different ways to overcome its insufficiency by polishing the craftwork to make it more natural and lasting to wear. Now it is not difficult to see and buy the delicate berry jewelry in different online shops like Selenichast store whose design borrows the inspiration from nature beauty.

Why people like berry necklace?

When we cannot emphasizing the beauty of berry jewelry, we may ask ourselves one question why berry jewelry is becoming popular.

Berry jewelry with symbolism.
Red berry usually symbolizes love and passion. Cranberry is one typical red berry which is often associated with holiday season like thanksgiving and Christmas. Their deep red color usually enhances the holiday spirit.

Blue berry symbolizes calmness and tranquility. With its deep hue of blue, Blueberry expresses people’s desire for peace and serenity of life.

blueberry choker

Orange berry necklace often symbolizes harvest and abundance. It is also worn as a creative expression, symbolizing a connection to artistic pursuits or a desire for inspiration.

cranberry necklace

Berry necklaces follow fashion trends
Berry-themed jewelry align with the trending styles and aesthetics, that is why it gains popularity

Natural Apeal
Many people appreciate natural elements in their accessories especialy to those who love nature and enjoy nature-inspired fashion

Handmade appeal
Unique and handmade jewelry often attracts attention. If the berry necklaces are made in unique way, they appeal to the one who is looking for one-of-a-kind pieces

Selenichast is a brand that designs the jewelry items with natural look. You will find on online store the popular nature collection: Lily of the valley necklace, Flower jewelry, animal items and Berry jewelry on top, such as cranberry jewelry, Blue berry jewelry and pink berry necklace.

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