Evil Eye Bracelets And Their Importance For A Complete Look.

Evil Eye Bracelets And Their Importance For A Complete Look.

Evil Eye Bracelets intruduction

Bracelets have been a part of the fashion industry for the longest time and are worn not only by women but by men too. They can complete any look and add bling to even the simplest of outfits. Apart from that it also makes us feel happy because our look becomes more appealing and just adds a boost of confidence within us.

Pretty much everyone has days when they want to look their best but also want to stay as comfortable as possible, that is exactly the time bracelets come in handy and add bling to our looks. They complete any and every look and also makes sure we look our best selves. This is one of the many reasons why both men and women buy and wear different kinds of bracelets and also why such a vast variety of them exists in the world today.

The evil eye bracelets concept

The concept of the evil eye has been around for ages and is an important aspect in pretty much every religion present in the world today. It is more commonly understood to be a curse that is imposed by a spiteful glare, usually against someone who is unwitting. It is also a common belief in many cultures that the evil eye is a great cause of misfortune, injury, or even bad luck to the one who receives it.

In the Middle East, the most popular recognition of the evil eye can be done through the amulet, which has the basic design of blue and white circles which are a symbol of the evil eye, which many people also refer to as Nazar.

When you think about it, the streets of Turkey are one of the main attractions for evil eye jewelry. You’ll find them in every street corner with the most beautiful designs you’d instantly want to buy some for yourself because this is one trend that truly never goes out of style. The color variation and textures are bound to amaze you with the variety and the different kinds it comes in.

Did someone say Evil Eye Bracelets?

Not going to lie, evil eye bracelets are such a sight. You might not wear them to protect yourself from the evil eye because let's face it not everyone believes in the concept of protection through an accessory. But rather many people even wear them just for the sake of fashion, considering they look so trendy and the different types and designs of them are bound to catch your eye.

Evil eye bracelets, make sure you stand out in a group of people, in the best way possible of course, and will make every outfit pop. Not everyone is fascinated with evil eye bracelets but honestly, they’re so fascinating as well as complete every look.

The bracelet comes in so many variations and you can shop them depending on your need too, how cool is that? The dark blue is known to protect you against karma and bad fate. A light blue one is moreover for general protection. Furthermore, all evil eye jewelry is effective in some way or the other, from curses to simple things like hatred it truly does it all.

Not convinced yet? Keep reading till the end and who knows you might go and start searching for the perfect one right now too.

The perfect Evil Eye bracelets for every look

Evil Eye bracelets are all the rage these days and have been for a while now considering how popular they are and how amazing they look with pretty much everything. Funnily enough, it comes in so many designs and variations you just cannot get enough, literally. The famous one is of course the one that’s super popular in the Middle East, which is the blue colored eye on a white background. But it comes in such a variety of textures, designs, and colors you could look at them all day and not get bored and potentially want to spend all your money on them.

Honestly, you don’t even need to wear one bracelet and think your look is complete, although it can be. You can even stack it up to make it more bling and if you’re going for an extra look, then stacking is the way to go. Plus, with the protection, they provide it is a great addition to your collection. Just casually dropping a few bracelet ideas in case you’re convinced to buy one or a few.

Bracelets are one thing that stays in our life throughout it and is necessarily one thing none of us like to leave the house without especially when we’re hanging out. This is also why evil eye jewelry should be a part of your life regardless of if you believe in its benefits or not because it can make any outfit of yours look better and makes it the perfect look.

Evil eye jewelry especially bracelets is such a comfort accessory because you know you can dress in any way and they can come to your rescue.

Minimalistic evil eye bracelets

A very popular type of these bracelets is a simple bracelet consisting of a single eye attached to a cord. Like every other evil eye bracelet, it comes in many colors, some of which symbolize things while others don’t. It is often said a bracelet that has a red cord tends to be connected with the Judaism school known as Kabbalah. On the other hand, a blue cord symbolizes peace or can also bring about feelings of tranquility within a person. The overall benefit of wearing an evil eye bracelet consists of a belief system that it will protect the person from hatred, karma, bad luck and even bad omen.

Belief system aside this bracelet can add a touch of color and keep an outfit as simple as you want or you can stack it up to add a tone of extra in that simple look. The possibilities are truly endless depending on your choice. Don't be afraid to mix and match colors using different colored cords. Any accessory can be a fashion statement if you’re confident about it. Reminder to wear this bracelet on your left hand though because the heart is on the left side of the body hence it is also connected to our feelings. It's a beauty and worth having.

Bling evil eye bracelets


Statement jewelry is all the rage these days, but who says you can’t make a statement with literally anything you wear? Anything and everything can be fashionable enough if you wear it with confidence. But if you want to make a statement and look classy the bling bracelet is the one for you. These are typically made in silver or gold or usually, gold and silver plated and are set together with a group of stones which makes them look extremely mesmerizing.

This is the perfect piece if you’re supposed to dress for a formal event and want to look your best or you can wear this on an evening out because let's face it who doesn’t like all eyes to be on them when you’re dressed to impress.

Anti-evil eye bracelets

While we’re on the topic of evil eye bracelets, let’s talk about anti-evil eye bracelets. This might sound like your basic evil eye protection bracelets but these bracelets are also equivalent to FengShui which is also the Chinese concept of creating a balance with nature and establishing nature forces and harmony between an individual and his environment. So, what this bracelet does is protects a person from negativity and the evil eye. Jealousy and very strong competition can cause a lot of issues and can lead to people saying or doing harmful things, which is exactly what this bracelet will protect you from.

This bracelet-like every other can be worn by anyone and everyone but people going through extreme pain or distress are told to wear it mainly. Some of the benefits this bracelet can provide are it removes bad intentions and also protects from jealousy, bad energy, and back stabbing from the people around you. Lastly, it also brings about happiness to the friends of someone who wears and loved ones. The benefits to this are truly endless but can we also talk about how is eye catching these are? It truly gives royalty vibes and who wouldn’t like that. This bracelet would truly be a game changer for an outfit especially if this is a formal outing because of the small crystals around the eye. One look and you’d want to add this to your collection and with the number of benefits, it has it’s a steal.


Obsidian Bracelets

Next on the list are these gorgeous obsidian bracelets, and the design is known to come from the famous legends of the Apache tears. They're beautifully made of black or extremely dark colored volcanic glass. If you're looking for something to bring you good fortune, and luck this truly the one for you. And these are made of premium obsidians, agate which are also celestial beads and are natural gemstones. At first glance you might not even be able to tell it’s part of the evil eye family or can give a person so many benefits, it truly is a work of art.

If you’re into hippie or boho items but also want to keep it classy, you’ve got it. This intricate and beautiful piece can be worn both day and night. All black outfits never go out of style and this bracelet with its sparkling gemstones can truly accentuate your beauty and make you feel like the piece of art you are. This piece is bound to leave the people around you in awe. On the other hand, you can choose to wear this with a casual outfit and let the bracelet do the magic of making you look like you’re prepared to take on anything that comes’s your way.

The Yoga bracelet

If you’re looking for something more relaxed and like to stay comfortable, the yoga bracelet is a true fit for you. This one is made from natural stones and small beads. A lot of yoga bracelets are also made of leather and are made to bring you the ultimate comfort you need in life.

These bracelets like many other are made for both men and women and look classy on both genders. If you’re looking for an opportunity to stack some bracelets in general or even evil eye bracelets this, is it. It makes for the perfect stack and gives the ultimate chill vibe all of us want daily. It is the ultimate comfort piece if that truly is the vibe you’re looking for.


Concluding thoughts on Evil Eye bracelets

Now that you’ve read this far and gained all the information you need about evil eye bracelets and evil eye jewelry in general and are hopefully convinced to go online and buy one or more for yourself. Since you’ve gained adequate information, you’ll know for sure what kind of bracelet you’d want to get for yourself and know exactly what type of outfits to pair it up with because really who doesn’t want to look good especially when you’ve got new jewelry, you’d want to take pictures with. Plus, these make for perfect gifts too because of how beautiful they look, a perfect gift for a friend and you can twin with.

While choosing these don’t forget to buy something that will match your style and now that you know so much about these bracelets, you’re sure to find something you love in yourself. Needless to say, bracelets never go out of style and you can wear them on any occasion to create a formal or informal look. And if you don’t, that’s your sign to keep looking and experiment with new things. Maybe in that search for the perfect jewelry, you’re bound to find something that fits you even better than the usual stuff you’d wear daily.

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