Evil Eye Jewelry That You Should Own

What once long ago used to be taboo, is now a sensational trend. The Evil Eye symbol use to be a thing talked about behind closed doors in hushed whispers. Today, it’s used as a gag towards that taboo. It’s more of a fashion statement than a symbol for black magic.

Today, there are so many kinds of evil eye jewelry that you should own, without which your jewelry box just isn’t complete. Keep reading, and find out about all the evil eye jewelry you should be on the lookout for. Maybe you’ll find something that’ll catch your eye.

Why Should You Buy Evil Eye Jewelry?

Before we delve into the kinds of evil eye jewelry you should own, let’s first talk a little about why it is so fabulous. Like we’ve said before there is something truly unique in wearing jewelry that was previously considered very taboo. It’s like you’re doing something rare, something daring. It is a feeling that human nature loves.

The Evil Eye jewelry is not wrong to wear, on the contrary, it's quite fun. Moreover, the evil eye jewelry trend is breaking barriers and taboos that were first held very tightly. Today, this jewelry has broken barriers and created an understanding of how these symbols don’t necessarily mean any darkness. They are just pretty things, that have strong roots, and are being worn as gorgeous jewelry on beautiful men and women.

Many Kind Of Evil Eye Jewelry
There are many kinds of evil eye jewelry that you can buy and should own. Once you go out and explore, you’ll find that there many different designs in all kinds of jewelry. We have a multitude of various evil eye jewelry earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, cufflinks, and more. Keep reading and find out all that you’ve been missing out on so that you can quickly go out and get your evil eye jewelry.

#1 Evil Eye Earrings

Every classic jewelry piece starts with earrings. Your look is just never complete without a piece of metal in your ears. Now, this isn’t just any old metal, no! Its’ gorgeous silver or gold, molded into the shape of an eye, with a black gemstone in between. There is a certain haunting beauty to it, that other earrings just can’t compare to. These earrings can come in all designs, they can be stoppers, drops, dangling, and hoops. It’s your choice to choose the kind you want.

If you still feel like you need to know more about the various kind of evil eye earrings, here’s a list of different designs that might take your fancy.

Saphhire Eyes Diamond Stud Earrings
Just imagine it, these gorgeous sapphire eyes on our ears. A bluestone to represent the iris, and the rest of the eye drenched in gold with diamonds. These stones are color as deep as the blue of the ocean itself, one would think that they are looking directly into our souls. Once you put these sapphire eyes diamond studs on your ears, you’ll find a certain grace and mystery to them. Much like the “Heart of the Ocean” necklace in the Titanic. These earrings have a similar effect on their wearer as that necklace did in the hearts of people.

Eye In Hand Drop Earrings
If you want to make a statement with just your ear jewelry, then these evil eye earrings are the way to go for you. The evil eye in these earrings is intricately designed within the hand of God. This hand is faced downwards and the eye is placed between its palms. A precarious position, meant, to show that they can see all. These earrings provide a statement to the onlookers that nothing, no sly taunt or barb or evil look would get past you.

Diamond Eye Tassel Stud Earrings
Next on the list of the best evil eye jewelry in regards to earrings I the diamond eye tassel studs. These earrings are a very peculiar design! The whole eye is made of diamonds, one would think that the shape of the eye would be unrecognizable, however, it is quite prevalent. The design is made more peculiar by the tassel-like impression of the diamonds below the eye. For some these tassels represent gorgeous lashes, and they go quite well for wedding ensembles as well as any formal affair.

Blue Eye Drop Earrings
Just when you think the evil eye earring collection can’t get any better, you’re proven wrong. Last but certainly in this collection is the blue eye drop earrings. These little dangling beauties are a thing of true magnificence. They are both classy yet trendy. After all, this generation is all about mixing the old with the new, and there is nothing more on par than the blue eye drop earrings.

#2 Evil Eye Necklace

The Evil Eye necklace is a true thing of beauty. One would think that having small tiny evil eyes hanging in round metal would not be attractive. However, it is! It is truly a unique design of the necklace. A true hit in the trend market for women of all ages. Once you put this necklace on, it’s like you’ve somehow transported yourself into a more hip, yet mysterious world. Everywhere you go, people's eyes would automatically catalog your necklace and wonder where you got this beauty from.

Here are the top highlights from the evil eye necklace collection that you should own. They are handpicked from the best evil eye jewelry designs, and won’t steer you wrong.

Eye In Gold Uneven Hand Necklace
We’ve talked a bit about how the evil eye necklace is truly a gorgeous piece of metal. However, the eye in gold uneven hand necklace is much like the eye in gold hand earrings. They have this mysterious yet haunting look about them. As if with this necklace, and that eye you can see the world much more clearly. Now of course that is just fairy tale talk but the illusion of the necklace itself is quite strong. And it also doesn’t hurt that it is very pretty and goes with everything you wear.

Sapphire Diamond Hollow Eye Chain Necklace
Next on the list is the Sapphire diamond hollow eye necklace. This particular evil eye necklace is a piece of very 21st-century statement jewelry. It's got that hip trendiness that is often missing from other necklace designs. This in no way throwing shade over other designs of necklaces, but other necklaces are often gorgeous but simple. This design however is gorgeous, bold, and bright in huge spades. One could even say that it is Oscar, red carpet-worthy.

Five Sapphire Eye Necklace
If you’re not in the mood for any old evil eye necklace, then you should consider buying a five-eye sapphire necklace. One would think that five sapphire eyes on a necklace would like a little creepy and gaudy. However, they look quite classy. Somehow they have this opulent and simple look to them. You would think you’re wearing a diamond necklace with the number of jealous looks you’ll get once you have this gorgeous beauty around your neck.

#3 Evil Eye Pendants

Next on the docket of must-have evil eye jewelry is e pendants. There are so many evil eye pendant designs out there, that you can’t possibly own just one. Each design is better than the previous one. The best part about them is that they can easily work with every kind of ensemble. If you’re going to a work event, a wedding, a formal affair, or a casual party, you can easily pull on the evil eye pendant, and head out for a night or day out. It’s always a safe bet to have at least two pendants in your jewelry box, this way you can mix and match according to your dress, and ensure that you’ve always got your favorite evil eye pendant on for a good day out.

 Pendants or necklaces, it doesn’t matter as long as the evil eye jewelry design is perfect. Here are two evil eye pendant designs that you will love to own. 

Black Love White Eye Chain Pendant
Black and gold are two colors that mesh beautifully together. Add in a white eye, and it looks like the perfect package. The eye made of white nestled into a bed of black, hanging from a gold chain. Even writing down this description is like poetry, so just imagine it! Once you buy and wear this pendant, it will be like you’re wearing literal poetry. This pendant incites confidence because it is a mesh of colors that you wouldn’t think to go together but somehow with this evil eye design they do. And they work splendidly with every outfit you choose for yourself to wear out. Isn’t that great!

Blue Eye Chain Necklace
The blue eye chain necklace is a classic beauty. It’s a sapphire or any blue stone working as an iris, hanging on a gold or silver chain. This design is one of the more classic evil eye necklace designs. It has none of the pomp and haunting mystery but has grace and simplicity in spades. Which we think is the reason why it is so popular and such a must-have jewelry item.

#4 Evil Eye Bracelets

Last but certainly not least, we have the evil eye bracelets. There is something timeless about these bracelets. A certain grace, beauty, and gentleness that can easily be seen once you put it on your dainty wrist. These bracelets are one of a kind, and can easily go head to head with any other charm bracelet you might own.

If you don’t believe us, then take a look at these two hand-picked evil eye bracelet designs that would blow your mind.

Eye In Hand Chain Bracelet
This bracelet comes as part of a set of the eye in hand jewelry pieces, and can also be bought individually. Like its’ earring and necklace/pendant counterpart, the eye in hand bracelet is just as beautiful and worthy of admiration. Just imagine it, this iridescent piece of gold metal lined around your wrist, with a single eye in hand charm. Doesn’t that paint a very pretty and unique picture? It would certainly make for a very interesting conversation starter. And if you’re in the mood to wear jewelry that is lowkey, yet still fabulous then this bracelet will provide you with exactly that.

Sapphire Diamond Hollow Eye Chain Bracelet
Now the sapphire diamond hollow eye chain bracelet is an evil eye jewelry item that you should own, for all those times you want to make a splash. For all the events you want every part of you to stand out. Maybe at a wedding, a party, prom, a work event, or an important meeting. This bracelet will help you stand out from the crowd. After all, it is also itself standing apart from other jewelry items. Its’ uniqueness lies in the white and sapphire blue stone eye imagine it presents. It gives off a little bit of an otherworldly look, while also being on par with the latest trends of jewelry.

Evil Eye Jewelry Is The Best!
Once you start wearing Evil eye jewelry, you will never look back. This will be a trend that rocks your word, something you’ll never want to give up. So hurry up, and check your jewelry box to fill in the evil eye jewelry spaces. After all, it doesn’t matter if it is earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, or any other jewelry item. The evil eye designs are a hit in every quadrant of the jewelry world.

So if you don’t already own evil eye jewelry, then you should hit the shops once you’re done reading this article. After all, your jewelry box will just never be complete without at least one piece of evil eye jewelry. Happy jewelry hunting!