How Can Evil Eye Necklaces Make Me Stand Out?

How Can Evil Eye Necklaces Make Me Stand Out?

What is the meaning behind the Evil Eye?

It is said that the "evil eye" has affected people all over the world for thousands of years. The evil eye is a popular concept, it is believed that through a covetous gaze a person can curse another human with destruction. It is often a simple eye with shades of blue and is worn as a necklace, bracelet, or hanging somewhere in a house, a car, or just about anything. It goes with almost any outfit, this endless unisex jewelry looks great and has become quite trendy in the last few decades.

Origins Of Evil Eye:

The concept of the Evil Eye can be found in numerous ancient civilizations, throughout the years many have created different forms of protection. The evil eye amulet originated in Greece, where it is called the "backlight" amulet, meaning it can reflect damage. It has also been found in ancient Mesopotamia (modern southeastern Turkey/Syria/Iraq), in the form of spells, eye amulets, and the dangerous gazes of the gods in Sumerian literature.

The simplest evil eye design popular in the Middle East is a talisman composed of blue and white concentric circles, symbolizing the evil eye known as Nazar. The necklace was created to "reflect" the power of evil.

The oldest version of the symbol is usually made of clay; however after glass beads were produced in the Mediterranean around 1500 BC. The Evil Eye Pearl began to be welcomed by the Phoenicians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, and Ottomans. The blue may be used because it is relatively easy to create; however, modern evil eyes come in a variety of colors.

Evil Eye Necklaces:

The best form of evil eye jewelry are necklaces. Today's designers have come up with all sorts of interesting versions of the mystical evil eye. While not all eye necklaces are inspired by the popular talisman, all pieces are equally magical, and even the parts that are not designed for protective properties make us feel like we're being protected. You'll fall in love with the pieces that include art or realistic images of the eye itself - they are hauntingly beautiful and are conversation pieces. Evil Eye necklaces are gender neutral and can be presented in endless ways.

It is said that evil eye necklaces have healing powers and can make one feel calm and content. The belief in Evil Eye is strongest in West Asia, Latin America, East, and West Africa, Central America, South Asia, Central Asia, and Europe, especially the Mediterranean region; it also spread to regions including Northern Europe, especially the Celtic region And the Americas, brought by European settlers and immigrants from West Asia. This may be one of the reasons why the necklace is such a popular trend around the world.

Different Kinds of Evil Eye Necklaces:

There is a lot of room for freedom and creativity when working with Evil Eye, so it is not surprising that many designers and fashion styles include Evil Eye in their exclusive collections. Not only jewelry but also clothing. In recent years, many celebrities have been found wearing evil eye jewelry, including Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Madonna, Mick Jagger, Nicole Richie, and Rihanna.

Blue evil eye necklace with a gold chain:

This all time classy evil eye necklace is totally handmade. It contains handmade murano beads in various colors & stainless steel gold chains. Goes with any dress and style. Just wear it before a night in or a night out!

Boho Evil Eye Summer Necklace:

This bohemian themed evil eye necklace will pair great with the summer heat. Outdoor everyday jewelry for the summer vacations. It is a great way to boost your self confidence.

Tube Beads Evil Eye Necklace:

This eccentric piece is a must have summer necklace for teens and kids, protect yourself from all the evil and have a fun summer. This necklace is a combination of glass tube evil eye beads and stainless steel gold or silver chain.

Teardrop Shaped Evil Eye Necklace:

These beautiful teardrop shaped necklaces are an original one of a kind. Goes great with any dress. A style statement!

Funky Heart Shaped Evil Eye Necklace:

These funky and fancy heart shaped evil eye necklaces are the next thing you must have in your accessories. These make your dress look even cuter than they do right now. Make your fashion statement.

Dark Blue Evil Eye Choker Necklace:

Made from blue glass beads and gold plated chains, this Turkish eye necklace is bound to make heads turn, with its eye-catching colors and beauty.

Fish evil eye necklace:

This quirky fish shaped evil eye necklace is a cute accessory that is bound to go with any dress. Made with stainless steel is available in colors white, blue and turquoise.

Eccentric Evil Eye Medallion:

This unique Evil eye necklace is a vintage, medallion themed necklace in gold plated chain. It is an eccentric piece of jewelry one must have in their collection. Available in more than one color.

Millefiori Flat Coin Glass Evil Eye Beads:

These eccentric looking coin glass evil eye beads are the newest and trendiest item yet. They are unique and are completely eye-catching. A fusion of old and new into one's bound to be a fashion statement.

Gold Evil Eye Pendant:

This eccentric piece of jewelry is a fusion of the eastern traditional concept that of the west, bringing even more elegance to the beautiful evil eye necklace.

Ways to Wear the Evil Eye Necklace:


  • Turtle Necks / V-Shaped Necks: The best way to bring out your evil eye necklace is to wear it either on a V-shaped neckline or on a turtle neck, it compliments the neck.

  • Monochromatic Shirts: Monochromatic shirts are a great way to bring out the vibrant colors of the evil eye necklace.

  • Pair it with a dress: The trendiest and most common way to pair your evil eye necklace is to pair it with a dress. One can never go wrong.

  • Looks great in a suit: Rock the day at the office with a chic evil eye necklace, protect yourself from the evil eye, and make a style statement while you’re at it.

  • Pair it as a set: Pairing your evil eye necklace with an evil eye bracelet and earrings is going to make you look like a Greek goddess and dispel any evil eye directed towards you.

  • Wear it on a Jumpsuit: Rock your party dress with an eye-catching jumpsuit. Wear out at a party or even at an indoor event. You are bound to be the talk of the show with your cute, bold evil eye necklace.

  • Wear it on your Special Day: Make your special day even more special by warding off all those evil eyes from the green monsters and pair it with your ever so beautiful white dress.

  • Wear Giant Pieces: Giant pieces are in great demand. For women who are naturally adventurous and can wear daring pieces, Tanjore or artificial jewelry are ideal, the inclusion of the evil eye is not only a style statement but also a cultural one. Large and expressive pieces of gold, diamonds, sapphires, amethysts, turquoise, and other precious stones.

  • Test Out Different Colors: Having colored jewelry in your collection is always useful as it can quickly add vibrancy to a simple, monochrome look. You can also combine the shades with different colorful outfits. The Evil Eye Necklace comes in more than one. Color palette.

  • Try Delicate looks: While statement pieces are always great, this season also belongs to delicate jewelry. From studded anklets as a classic yet modern accessory to a gorgeous and learned pearl earring, there are many options. An elegant necklace that accentuates a woman's neck is a good idea. Incorporate small, simple evil eye necklaces that are classy and unique.

  • Go Traditional: One can never go wrong with pairing with your traditional clothes, the dress helps enhance the beauty of the necklace.

  • Layer it Up: Pairing your evil necklace with another one. Layered necklaces are a classic way of dressing. You can combine contrasting styles and metals: pearls or geometric shapes, chains of different weights and textures, etc. Be sure to choose chains of different lengths.

What Do Different Colors Mean?


  • Orange Evil eye; Brings you Happiness and protection, helps in motivation for commitment, increases creativity and playfulness.
  • Dark Blue Evil eye; Protects you from Karma and fate, helps you stay calm and relaxed, open flow of communication.
  • Light Blue Evil eye; Is used for general protection, helps in Broadening your perspective, brings solitude and peace.
  • Dark Green Evil eye; Garner's happiness and balance in your life, help you pursue the freedom to new ideas
  • Purple Evil eye; Boosts your imagination and re-balances your life.
  • Brown Evil eye; Protects from the elements; Connection with nature; Orderliness and convention
  • Red Evil eye; Brings you courage, enthusiasm, and energy protects you from fears and anxieties.
  • Yellow or Gold Evil eye; Protect your health; Relief from exhaustion; Sharper mind and concentration
  • Pink Evil eye; Protect your friendships; Calming feeling; Content and relaxation.
  • White Evil eye; Purity, helps you clear obstacles and start fresh.
  • Light Green Evil eye; Helps you succeed in your dreams, brings enjoyment and contentment and good health
  • Grey Evil eye; Protects against sorrow, helps in opening up to new situations, reduces the intensity of another color


Evil Eye Jewellery Benefits:

Many cultures believe that receiving an evil eye will cause one misfortune, bad luck, or injury. The main benefit apart from the chic style of the bracelet from the evil eye is the belief that it will protect the person wearing it from evil spirits and bad luck. The eye symbol is both an amulet and a talisman and has the dual ability to bring you protection and power. A symbol of happiness or protection from the power of evil negative energy is a cultural community among believers.

So, what happens when the evil eye breaks? The legend says that the superstition of breaking the evil eye to achieve its goal. In other words, someone tried to curse you with evil eyes, but your evil eyes protected you.

The Evil Eye necklace is one of those classic jewelry pieces that never go out of style. It has not just been a symbol of protection but also a fashion statement for many centuries. You can wear and flaunt this beautiful art piece anywhere and everywhere. Protects you from danger and strengthens your health, whether the car breaks down or goes out of control, or the house is damaged by insects, floods, rotten wood, etc. The evil eye keeps things protective in view to maintain peace and prosperity. If the real 'evil eye' casts its unhappiness on you, it is said that it would lead to all ailments such as insomnia, fatigue, depression, and diarrhea. Wearing an evil eye is supposed to keep you healthy and happy.

Revival of Talisman in these Hard Times:

Perfectly worn jewelry not only complements our clothes, but it also completes our overall picture. What makes jewelry so popular with the evil eye? With the current times that we are living in, the world wants to hold onto the hope for a better future, it protects you from evil is a huge reason that makes people feel positive about this amulet. Amulets have long been used in the fashion world, from pendants depicting saints to palm-shaped amulets. According to fashion research, evil eye, necklaces, and rings are the most popular categories.

The evil eye necklace is not only fancy jewelry but also traditional jewelry that has existed in many religions and cultures and has been transformed into various art forms. The evil eye is not just a piece of jewelry but also a way for people to express themselves and find a way to cope in these hard times. 2021 has seen a revival of these beautiful talisman necklaces but in the newest and trendiest fashion possible.

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