How to Choose the Best Tarot Card Necklace For You

How to Choose the Best Tarot Card Necklace For You

The best way to choose Tarot card Necklace:

Tarot card jewelry is a beautiful way to express your connection with the divine, and look great while doing it. However, when trying to choose the best tarot card necklace for you, you’ll want to consider a few things, from the color of the piece, to its length, to the tarot card pendant itself.

Which Colors Look is Best for Tarot CArd Necklace?

Selenichast offers tarot-inspired jewelry in colorful styles with intricate details, as well as all gold necklaces featuring subtle designs with CZ or cubic zirconia stones. Although we think a gold tarot card necklace looks beautiful on everyone, it's up to you to decide which color you’d like your necklace to be. Currently, mixing metals is very on-trend, so if you’re normally more of a silver or white gold jewelry lover, try putting a yellow gold tarot card necklace pendant with a white gold chain you love. That way you can mix and match.

Style Of Jewelry

The style of the piece is as important as the color, so ask yourself if you prefer something more chunky and bold, or subtle and sweet. Choosing the right tarot necklace means you should consider your personal style, as well as what jewelry you already have. You want to pick something that will go with other pieces you have so that you can layer, but you don’t want it to be too similar, otherwise, you may not get to wear it every day.

What Length Are You Imagining?

Some prefer their necklaces to be collar length at around 16 inches, but for a tarot inspired necklace with a larger pendant, we suggest finding something that is at least 18 inches and features an extension. The most versatile necklaces are designed with extensions because they can be worn at multiple lengths and look good with a variety of outfits.

Personalized Tarot Necklace

The most important aspect of tarot cards jewelry is that it is personal to you. You can choose the card you want to pendant to be inspired by in a few ways. Either, you can have a reading and search of one of the cards you pulled, or you can choose a card with a meaning that you feel connected to.

The best tarot card necklace is one that you feel brings magic into your life, so see what you connect to, and don’t be afraid to buy more than one!

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