How to Organize Your Tarot Card Jewelry

How to Organize Your Tarot Card Jewelry

All of your jewelry collection should be organized in a way that keeps it safe from tangles, scratches, and damage. Its lifespan will be increased and you’ll be able to love it for longer if you take the time to set up a system rather than throwing everything into one messy mile.

Plus, organizing your jewelry allows you to see all your pieces so that you never forget the wonderful items you love. Before we show you how to organize your collection, go through and donate any items you no longer wear or throw away or repurpose any that have damage.

The Tarot Series Necklace


Get The Right Materials for Tarot card jewelry

You’ll either want to have a shallow drawer with separate compartments or you’ll want to buy a jewelry organizer. Try to purchase something that has soft cloth compartments or make your own using an old piece of velvet or silk fabric, as this prevents scratching and damage to rings and bracelets. For necklaces, we suggest purchasing a jewelry tree that has hangers as they work great for separating your gold tarot card necklace from your chunkier silver chains, you can also DIY one out of repurposed door knobs and a vintage frame.

Tips On Storing Tarot Card Jewelry

A vintage tarot card necklace should not be stored on top of anything else as it’s old and most likely there will already be some wear and tear. A solid gold tarot card necklace will get scratches if left next to other items so it also needs its own separate space. A trick for storing plated gold jewelry is to keep each item in a separate bag, squeeze out all the air and seal it, as this will maintain its buttery gold color.

Organize Tarot Card Jewelry

We tend to keep our necklaces of the same length together, our tarot card pendant in a ziplock bag, and our rings in a ring box, however, some prefer to organize their jewelry by designer or color. For tarot card jewelry, it’s nice to organize it based on how often you wear it. If there’s a particularly personalized tarot necklace that means something to you, either a specific card or your zodiac sign, and you wear it nearly every day, it should be front and center. There’s no use putting it away if you’re just going to keep reaching for it!

The way you organize your jewelry is completely up to you, just so long as it’s safe, secure, and somewhere you won’t lose or forget it.

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