What Exactly Are Tarot Cards?

What Exactly Are Tarot Cards?

Introduction of Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are having a major reassurance mostly likely due to the chaotic times we’re living in. If you’re new to tarot and the mysticism of the cards, they are centuries old and extremely mysterious. Here, we’ll walk through how tarot cards became what they are today and why so many women are choosing to wear tarot inspired necklace designs.

The Origins Of Tarot

Tarot readings became popular in Europe during the 15th century with wealthy families most in Italy. Because the printing press had yet to be invented, the hand-painted tarot cards were considerably costly. In the 1700s Jean-Baptiste Alliettepublish a guide to understanding these painted cards under the pseudonym “Etteilla”, where he incorporated astrology and the elements.

Why Tarot Cards Have Such An Effect On Us

These days, many people use tarot cards as a way to express their feelings and find ways to look introspectively at their lives. As each card has a different meaning, they can help us focus on certain aspects of goals, or release old patterns, habits, or relationships that aren’t aligned with our personal growth. Many believe that tarot cards can allow us to understand our potential and guide us towards what will help us succeed. Let’s take the Queen of Pentacles card, also called the Queen of rings. The Queen of rings tarot card meaning is success, abundance, and material security. It represents the idea that you have worked hard, you’ve been responsible, and you now can balance your work ethic with enjoying all the wonderful things life has to offer. When someone pulls that card they may feel more relaxed as if they’ve been given permission to stop and, literally or metaphorically, smell the roses.

So Why Do People Wear Tarot Card Jewelry?

A gold tarot card necklace can be worn as a symbol of the ideal or value you want to embody. They can also serve as a goal you want to achieve. For example, someone wearing the Tarot card necklace Death isn’t morbid, rather they are trying to end something in their life that no longer makes them feel fulfilled or happy, like a relationship, interest, or career.

Tarot cards can mean many things depending on the card, the direction the card was pulled, and the person’s interpretation. Wearing a tarot-inspired pendant necklace is about staying true to your life’s purpose and showing up every day as the most authentic version of yourself.

The Tarot Card Series Necklace

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