Gift Ideas

If you are scratching your head in deciding on how to choose a gift for your bestie or the one you love, our site will be your problem solver. You will find a meaningful gift that make you feel proud to give and that the recipient will treasure a lot.

Find a gift based on her Birth Month

Birth Flower is the symbolic of the month they are born in. Each flower has its unique meaning


12 zodiac signs have its date and traits. Astrology sign jewelry is a perfect gift for the recipient’s birthday gift. We got constellation Coin Pendant necklace, constellation choker and Zodiac sign four-leaf clover necklace, bracelet, rings and earrings.




If you have been ever heard about Chinese Zodiac which represented with different animals.



Tarot jewelry is inspired by tarot cards and evil-eye jewelry are a stylish way to express the essence of life.


Our big series are nature-inspired jewelry, symbolizing the love of nature. Gift can be chosen according to the recipient’s like for flowers: Rose, cranberry, hibiscus, ladybug, lavender, lily of the valley, phony, phalaenopsis, Sakura, forget me or not flower. You can also pick up the items with your favorite animals: Blue Tit, Bunny, butterfly, cat, Chick, squirrel, peace dove, frog, Monkey, fox or others. Fruits jewelry are the perfect accessories for summer and autumn season.

All these items are delicately made and uniquely designed. Find a special gift for yourself or the one you love.